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The origin of aerography

In 1878, an American jeweler Peter Ebner produced the world’s first spray gun, which consisted of a sewing needle, a self-made compressor and a small set of tubes. This was the first patented technology of applying paint to the car, but Ebner Peter used this device to depict landscapes.

In the early 90’s aerography won extraordinary fame and popularity. It was widely used for advertising posters. Also aerography was applied to racing cars in order to make them stand out.

The term “aerography” means the technique of artistic painting on different surfaces including cars. If a car owner wants to create a spectacular 3D image on his car, this technology comes in handy. Nowadays it is widespread among drivers who want their vehicle to be unique and a lot of people sell used car with aerography.

Of course, everyone decides for himself what to do with his car. For some people, the car is only a means of transportation, for others it is a means of earning, and there are people who cannot do without constant modernization or tuning their cars. Aerography on the car will help to give your car an individual style.

Over time, types of aerography have significantly improved. However, it is not so easy as it seems at a first glance. There are many factors that need to be considered – the type of a car body,its color and design.

Two main types of airbrushing

The main difference in aerography on the cars is the primary color that will be used as a background. If the main color is used for the main background and the drawing is done with one, two or three contrasting colors, this type is called monochrome aerography. This kind is ideal for concealing any defects. With the correct selection of colors, the monochrome image will perfectly disguise dents and scratches, and also provide a reliable protection against corrosion. Another plus is that the price of such a work is quite low, since the application technique is simple.

If there are many colors on the background, this type of aerography is called multicolor. It also protects the car from corrosion and will hide some of the shortcomings, but this technology is very complex and usually very expensive.

Three styles of aerography

Luminous aerography. With the help of the luminous paint,the specialists can create amazing compositions. If an artist has a lot of experience, he can draw a double effect aerography, so that during daytime you’ll see one drawing, and at night it will be entirely different. As a rule, work on such aerography is very complex and expensive. But in our time it enjoys the greatest popularity, because the true connoisseurs of this art don’t bother about price.

Pseudo aerography. For this kind of work, instead of paint, vinyl film is used, which can be easily removed if needed. Also, vinyl will provide protection to the car and at the same time emphasize the individual style.

Volume aerography. To create it, not only painting, but also a three-dimensional spectacular relief image is used.

How is aerography applied?

Any kind of aerography requires artistic skills from the specialist and makes your car stand out. If you have managed to buy ford mustang covered with creative aerography, you are truly on-trend.