The high temperatures we all experienced this summer resulted in many businesses struggling to keep their chillers and freezers down to the correct temperatures. Many pub and restaurant owners will welcome the cooler days of autumn with open arms simply because these problems will be at an end for another year. However, this could be the ideal time to check your refrigeration equipment to ensure it is ready for anything the weather can throw at it.

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How is refrigeration equipment affected by the weather?

It may seem obvious, but everything from commercial cold rooms to domestic refrigerators has to work harder to keep down to temperature when the environment is warm. This summer, according to The Independent is likely to be the hottest that has ever been recorded in England, so it is no surprise that refrigerator and freezer compressors have had to work harder than usual. This extra work is likely to wear the parts out more quickly; naturally, the older they are, the more likely they are to be affected.

If you notice any odd smells coming from your refrigeration equipment or hear any strange noises it could be time to contact the experts. Another indication of a problem could be if the compressor never seems to shut off.

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Check compressor coils

Combined with the high temperatures and the humidity we have seen this year, normal grime and grease from your kitchen can accumulate on the filters and coils of your compressors. These should be checked and cleaned regularly throughout the season to avoid adding to the workload your equipment is already facing.

Increased costs

If your cold room is just not coping with the weather, you may want to contact a company such as for a solution. Not only does older equipment have to work harder, but it is at risk of breaking down too. Even if your walk-in cold rooms or freezers just about cope with the high temperatures, they will have to work harder and will be consuming more electricity. This obviously increases your costs and can eat into your profits. Additionally, using excess electricity is also detrimental to the environment, which is another important consideration.

Investing in reliable refrigeration equipment could mean that you are more prepared for heatwaves of the future if this trend continues.

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